5 RV Hacks For The Best Summer Ever

Summer road trips are on the horizon! Whether you’re new to RVing or you’re a seasoned camper, there’s countless tips out there to make RV life as happy as can be. Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up the best RV hacks around so you can hack your way to living the best RV life!

  1. Use Pine Sol to keep the flies away! Tired of swatting away flies as you’re enjoying the beautiful summer nights? Create a 50/50 solution with Pine-Sol and water, and wipe down the surfaces in your RV with it! This easy solution is perfect for applying to your counters, tables, awnings and more to keep those pesky flies away!
How To Keep Mosquitoes Away, RV Hacks
RV Hacks, Keep away mosquitoes from your RV. America Choice RV

2. Speaking of bugs, did you know wasps are attracted to propane? The smell and taste of propane will have them hanging around your RV, which is the last thing you want! To keep them away, grab a flea collar from the pet store, cut it in half and place it in your RV storage compartments. Bye bye wasps!

RV Hacks,Wasp Prevention For RVs
RV Hacks, Protect your RV from Wasps. America Choice RV

3. Light up your steps! Summer calls for evenings enjoying the great outdoors. Add some extra flair and safety to your RV for those dark, summer nights with glow-in-the-dark tape.

RV Hacks, Lighted Steps For An RV
RV Hacks, Light Up Your RV Steps. America Choice RV

4. If enjoying a glass of wine is on your itinerary, you don’t want to hear the annoying sound of the bottles clanking together as you travel to your destination do you? Of course not! Grab some clean tube socks, and stick the bottles in them! Better yet, you can find lots of cute Wine Bottle Socks on Etsy. Not only will it keep them quiet as you travel, but it will also keep them safe.

RV Hack for Summer, RV Life
RV Hacks, Protect your glass bottles with socks, even better with cute socks! America Choice RV

5. Maintaining your RV generator might not sound like a fun RV hack, but it’s an important one! Don’t forget that generators need their oil changed, filters replaced, filters checked and so on. America Choice RV has you covered with RV generator maintenance specials¬†too!

RV Service, RV Generator Service
RV Hacks, America Choice RV Service Specials will keep your Generator in tip top shape! America Choice RV

Share your favorite RV Hacks for summer, or any season, below in the comments! We’d love to hear them.